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How to embed trademark ® character into Flash or Flash Is Dead!

October 25, 2011

Client of mine got registered a word describing his service as a trademark. Lets just name it a WORD®.

It was not a problem to embed ® to the pages as long as the “WORD” was HTML marked up. The real problem began when I was supposed to embed the ® into Flash movie where the heading contained the “WORD”. As a non-programmer I chose the Photoshop approach. Meaning: find ® character in Photoshop custom shapes and I am done!…. Yes the Flash has no custom shapes tool.

Couldn’t figure out how to do it. Went to forums, read articles. All the advises were image based. But that was not what I was looking for because the flash header was animated text. To embed the image above or under this text layer and make it move with the text would be a nightmare for me.

The whole approach was a bad idea. I found a simple one:

  • Google for “Windows character map” or “Windows Alt Keys Codes”
  • Get the code number. Highlight text in Flash (well this needs some practice). Place the cursor at where you want your character appear and Alt+code, in case of trademark symbol Alt+0174, type it in.
  • Render a new movie and you are done!

Very simple. If I knew character map or Windows better it would take me 5 minutes to make the change but it didn’t. And as I could see by googling for help not that many people know about existence of Alt Key Codes.

Great I don’t need to use a custom symbol in Photoshop either!

Well going through documentation and tutorials about HTML5 and jQuery… I used to be a great fan of Flash. I wanted to master Flash. But seeing and experiencing how much of a hassle I can get by adding one character into Flash…Flash is dead in my book.


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